Hot Code Push with Meteor

I am excited to see the amount of activity on the forum related to mobile development using Meteor lately. I am also looking forward to the 1.8.4 and 1.9 release and all the updates it will include on the Cordova front. I was just wondering if anyone who has had success using HCP in their projects could share their experience. I recently used App Center’s CodePush for an Ionic application I helped release at work and it was a great experience. I am hoping Meteor’s feature will be as easy to use with my hobby project when i get to that point this Spring :slight_smile:

Hi, HCP has been working pretty well for me in all my Meteor projects.

If you want to control when to update your app this is a good package

You can use it in different ways, if your app is very stable maybe you should reload your app only after idle periods or if you have to push changes all the time and they are important for your users then you probably want to update ASAP.

It’s important to know that HCP is disabled by default when your server and your client have:
1 - Different Meteor versions
2 - Different Cordova plugins versions

You can ignore this version restriction using a fixed hash for your apps like
METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_IOS=ad1761293205df5cc22205b56079e8b58e78eaf0 METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_ANDROID=b5f45bff70f77a07e0bfde0a7230ba842741c74b but remember to use it in your deploys and also in your builds. Using like this you will lose the ability to know for sure that the Cordova plugin is there and exactly in the same version the probably a few extra runtime checks will be necessary.

If you have questions about specific things let me know.

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thanks for the info, i want to test this feature out now and see if i can get it working :slight_smile: