Hot-module-replacement not working?

I’m currently using Meteor 2.7.3 and added the hot-module-replacement package, but after editing a React component, it doesn’t update within the browser? The console shows:

HMR: updated 1 file

It’s the first project where I use TailwindCSS and React 18, HMR worked before on other projects so I’m wondering if anyone else has the same issue?

Check and make sure your exporting a named function. For HMR to work it requires a named function.

Yes, it’s exported with name. The class is called “App” and I export it like this:

export {App};

Do you possibly have a clonable repo that would reproduce this issue?

I’ve created a new issue here: hot-module-replacement not working with React 18 hydrateRoot · Issue #12161 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

Seems to be an issue with React 18 and hydrateRoot. When downgrading to React 17 and using the old hydrate function, everything works fine again.