How about thinking about a DDP Stack?

There seems to have a lot of talks around DDP.

  • David Burls in working on a DDP Server on Django
  • There was a one in Ruby in the mailing list
  • Tarang Patel is working on a pure Node DDP Server
  • We are working on Go DDP Server + Client

And a lot of clients, specially.

So, why don’t we bring all these together?
With that we can reach into a new market.

For an example, Asteroid can be used to allow to use Meteor as a backend for existing static apps.

What do you guys think?


I think it would be awesome if DDP became a standard like REST - basically you can expose your live stream of data over DDP with any of the server implementations and a variety of clients can consume it.


Yeah! That can be possible too. For that we need add binary WS support. (Not sure, how it fits into the DDP protocol)

Justin built a Go DDP server, too. Maybe he should make it public earlier so folks like Arunoda don’t rebuild it from scratch.

Why is binary a requirement for this? There’s no binary REST as far as I know.

Yeah I think this is a place where MDG could exercise some direction to focus development on a single best server/client implementation for each language?

Did you guys see this?

Ha ha. Actually, we build almost most of it. And we are using it on production with 2000 method-calls/per sec.

I think binary protocols are good for minimizing the size of network messages.

yeah josh. That’s an interesting idea.
I’d love to see it’s building up.

I think it’s not MDG, Meteor Community :smiley:

Exactly. I meant to use binary for the video streaming kind of stuff.

I don’t know if that was the initial intention of DDP, but I don’t like the idea of using DDP for everything (including binary streams of video or music).

DDP is good at synchronizing the state of JSON documents and executing RPCs. I am kinda sceptical of using DDP for everything.


I agree - I think it’s good as an update-pushing version of REST. I can see it replacing webhooks and similar stuff more than I can see it replacing binary data streams.

I agree too. I’d like to DDP over something like ZMQ (Just an idea)

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DDP clients can really help get more people on board. That way people can start porting their projects over :smile:

There’s a list of DDP clients on MeteorPedia.

I think it would be great if we came up with some app examples and do someone should do a talk at OTHER meetups like for Go (looking at you @arunoda ;)).


We tried to build a DDP server in Java once, and it proved kind of non-obvious because we realised the only way to infer how a DDP server would work is by looking at the client.

So it would be nice to have a document that helps someon who wants to write a DDP server get started. Then we could write a bunch of them for our use cases, and use Meteor for either the client or the server depending on the situation.

I think the #1 thing that would help people is a testing program - if you write a server and it passes the test, then it’s definitely a good DDP server.


@rahul we’ve started a test suite for DDP. Will share it soon.
It tests basic protocol usage from a browser. We can tune it later on.


Hey @sashko shall we’ve a new category for DDP?. I think we’ve a lot to talk.