How alive is Galaxy?


I have not received a reply to my simple question for 6 days and I see other not so good comments about Galaxy on Meteor Forums. What’s the current status of the infamous Galaxy, which spurred the death of free Meteor hosting?

to mtrang

Database should be hosted separately?

On Thu, 10 Jan 2019 at 18:00, Mark Trang, Meteor Development Group <> wrote:

Hi there,

Thanks for recently checking out Meteor Galaxy! I noticed you started the signup process but did not complete it – Do you have any questions I can help answer?


For me, everything is working great, I have read that their support is not very reactive ( maybe the paid plan can help on that ? ), but apart from that, it is a very solid Paas.
Database should be hosted separately, which is good, I have used mlab ( now atlas by mongodb ) with enormous success.
I am very happy with galaxy, Kadira integration is also very convenient.
My 2cts


@Volodymyr Where did you ask your question? I don’t see it in our support ticket system.


I have replied to auto-mail sent by your robot on your behalf with human From and proposal " Do you have any questions I can help answer?"

So maybe if you fix this, it will bring 20% more sales from new customers ) Please, direct this extra budget to Meteor development :wink:


Haha - sounds good. Thanks for letting us know. Mark Trang recently left MDG, so that helps explain how we missed this (but isn’t an excuse - this should and will be fixed). Thanks again!