How are you guys liking 1.3?

What were some of the bigger hurdles you had to jump to take advantage of what 1.3 has to offer? Did your app break? Did you have to go in and add a bunch of imports?

I’ve been pretty busy with a 1.2 app and honestly kind of anxious about updating in the middle of my project.

I’m using a lot of ES6 in my app (classes, arrow functions, let/const, etc) and was considering the jump to 1.3 but I’ve not seen enough people talk about their experiences switching as a whole.

So, I wanted to get some opinions and advice here that could potentially help the community as a whole.

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I had more issues upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2. Most projects upgraded fine, can’t remember the issues with the ones which had errors, but those were minor and easily solved (otherwise I’d remember them). Didn’t need to add any imports as it should work like before as well.

The only thing you’ll probably run into is problems with deploying using mup or mupx, especially when you install npm platform-dependent binaries.

If you’re using some version control, make a commit then try to upgrade, that way you can easily revert back to the 1.2 state. Chances are relatively high it’ll go without a hitch. In general I love 1.3 and it’s treating me well, but there are probably others that don’t share the same opinion, so best to try it out yourself.


I’m loving 1.3 so far! It took a bit to get used to import/export, but once the learning curve was complete, I can’t imagine creating apps without it. It removes a lot of the Meteor mystery and makes it much, much clearer what is happening in each file.

The updated Meteor Guide and Todos app are essentially for making the jump. I basically lived with both of those open at all times for my first app in 1.3.

My recommendation would be to start small if building a new app. Good luck!