How are you guys making your app MultiLang?


Is anybody really using the tap-18n package ? or some other ways?


In React/redux world I’m using react-redux-i18n


I am using tap:i18n, but cannot recommend it. It is buggy and doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore. Some of its features don’t work as expected after I updated from Meteor 1.2 to 1.5. I had to find a lot of weird workarounds.

When I looked for an alternative for React, I found universe:i18n. It has a similar approach, but is well maintained (last update 13 days ago) and works as documented. It focuses on React, but has support for Blaze via universe:i18n-blaze, too.

In React-only apps (i.e. non-Meteor), I am using react-intl, and I’ve seen Sacha Greif using it in Vulcan, too. It has a quite steep learning curve, though. Didn’t know about react-redux-i18n yet, but this package seems to be unmaintained at the moment (see issue #35 in its repo).


We are still using tap:i18n in our Blaze projects and don’t have any issues with it ( f.e. and )


I just released a new version of meteor-accounts-t9n which now works either as a Meteor or as a Npm package. I would be happy to get some feedback on how this works for people, especially with dynamic loading.


We are using tap:i18n too without problems. We are also using tap:i18n-db for a few database collections with many languages. If you have any problems with those maybe I can help.


Has anyone found a decent editor for i18n files? You cannot really send a json file to a translator and no editor I have found considers the tree structure that is typically used, they just flatten it.

EDIT: What a difference a slight change in search terms can do - this one is quite useful: