How are you using Vue with Meteor?

There is no official Meteor integration with Vue. So:

What’s your stack?

Is there a consensus on do’s and don’ts?

What’s the easiest way for someone well-versed in Meteor and Blaze to create a new Meteor project that uses Vue instead of Blaze?

When using Vue with Meteor in your stack, are there any core features / addons of Vue that don’t work?

All the old threads are either a) old or b) focus on one specific stack. I’ve yet to find anything that says “here are all of the ways people are integrating Vue with Meteor, and here is what’s working and what isn’t”


clone this to get started quickly:


works for me. Two weeks ago, there was a versioning problem, and then for a while the meteor command was jacked up/went into infinite loops, but stable for about a week now.

I haven’t officially announced it yet because I’m still finishing up the user auth interaction for resetting a password via email and verifying an account’s email address, but I’ve been working on a Meteor Vue Modular App Starter repo for awhile. The goal is that you can just clone the repo and you’ve got a working app that’s ready for production which includes user accounts interactions built with Vue.

It’s definitely geared towards enterprise with strict conventions though. It includes Vue 2 + Vuex 2 + Vue Router 2, iView UI framework, unit testing with Jest, functional/e2e testing with Chimp, code linting with eslint, development and production settings files, git hooks to prevent pushes if unit tests fail, and some other nice stuff. I’ll be posting up a real announcement when it’s done, but you’re welcome to clone it down and play around with it.


Currently, I’m interested in this too. Disappointing there’s no official way. I’ve seen there are some solutions exist yet I’ve not tried. Maybe…it seems jimmack1963’s way is easy and helpful. As efrancis wrote above, it seems official outcome is absolutely not an easy one.

Akryum is on the Vue Core Team, so you could say whatever he does is “official” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m amazed there is VueJS category, and Vue core team…I didn’t notice it. It’s very thankful.