How best to integrate AWS Cognito authentication with Meteor

I am going to be working on a project that requires both a web app and react native mobile app which share a user accounts/login system.

My preferred web stack is Meteor with the accounts package, while for react native apps I have found that AWS Cognito works well as the login/authentication provider.

However I’m struggling to figure out how I would best integrate Cognito with Meteor to replace the default Accounts package.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!


I would like to know how this could be done as well…

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really need a solution for this, please

At first look it seems to me that you would just use Cognito instead of Meteor Accounts, since they are two systems that do pretty much the same things. It is best to choose one system that is going to manage your users and run with it.
I also remember that there was some package that allowed to use Meteor stuff in React Native, which you coul use if you want Meteor Accounts.

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Usually the first hit on Google is a bit more informative …

Try Using this Package
Developed oauth-aws-cognito package with the help of

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