How can a 3rd party npm module use the local Mongo DB?

I’m evaluating a NodeJS package that wants to persist data in redis or MongoDB. The Mongo instantiation is like so :

acl = new acl(new acl.mongodbBackend(dbInstance, prefix));

So the dbInstance would come from mongodb.connect(server_uri); by means of a command like :

var mongodb = require('mongodb');
mongodb.connect("mongodb://", function(error, db) {
  var mongoBackend = new acl.mongodbBackend(db, 'acl_');

Is there a way to supply the local mongoDb connection to a 3rd party node package?

Can you use process.env.MONGO_URL?

Well that’s a fallback option, yeah.

But . . . how do I get an existing connection from Meteor?


I think. Possibly. :wink:

Even if that’s correct, you may get problems if the versions of the mongo drivers don’t line up.

Thanks Rob (@robfallows)

const db = MongoInternals.defaultRemoteCollectionDriver().mongo.db;
const mongoBackend = new acl.mongodbBackend(db, 'acl_');`

It works!

I don’t know about version conflicts. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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