How can i associate logins from different social media, like Facebook and Twitter?

for the app i’m developing, business wants to allow logins only from social media and not allow direct registration. here are some of the packages i’m using:


so far, so good. i can log in from FB, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.

already, i realize that if i log in from FB first, then Twitter, i get 2 unassociated user Ids. not ideal, but for business this is tolerable.

but i want to enable a logged in user to auth to their other social media profiles. for example, let’s say someone logs in from Google, and from within the app they want to tweet an item or like an item. if i give them the ability to link to these other profiles, then it seems silly that they cannot use those profiles to log in. i would like to link those twitter and FB auths to their original user profile.

how can i do that?


oh, sweet, i’ll give it a try. thanks!

got it working. thanks again.

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