How can I can find a fixture item by id on the client side?

I want to create a demo app in which, on startup, if no docs exist in a collection, a single doc is created that the user can play with. I cannot allow multiple instances to be created (for the purposes of the demo.)

However, while I can easily create the item on the server side, it is not clear how I can find it on the client side. For example:

 if(Items.find().count() === 0){
   item = Items.insert({title: "My Item"});

How can I now locate this item by id on the client side?

I have tried using export/import, but I get undefined when I try to import from the server to the client.

Do you need to find by id? You could find by anything.

If you do, then you could just insert the document with a known id:

item = Items.insert({_id: "myknownid", title: "My Item"});
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So funny, that is exactly the type of solution I was considering this morning.
However, I did not know that Mongo allows for manually defining the _id value.
Will give that a shot. Thx!

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If you’re only allowing a single item to exist in the Items collection, you could always just do a Items.findOne() on the client. That’s assuming that you’re either publishing the document, or using autopublish.