How can i create a user personalised stream of posts through the user 'subscribing' to different categories?

I have a magazine app that allows users to see a list of article categories and ‘subscribe’ to them so the they can get the posts from that category and any category they subscribe to, in their own, user specific timeline, just like tumblr, flip board etc.

This post and its categories are coming through an api and injected into a collection via a ddp. (don’t know if thats relevant)

is it the same as creating bookmarks?

Im trying to get a starting point on how i can tackle this, could anyone tell me which direction to look, packages, approach?

Thank you in advance.

I’d have a look at the reywood:publish-composite. It should have a few good examples for you. It’s also well explained in the Meteor Guide.
I’d store the categories in the user object. or in a separate collection that links to the user.

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Thank you for the heads up, just what i need to get started.