How can i create Datatable in Meteor.js

How can i create Datatable in Meteor.js. I tried to create one part not working.I have a server and client sides both in my project.The project is suppose to display the tables with categories in it.I need assistance on this.

You can use Datatables directly loading them using npm. But I have moved away from it to use Tabulator

    "": "^1.10.16",
    "": "^1.5.1",
    "": "^1.5.1",

I was using blaze

import dataTablesBootstrap from '';
import '';

// Buttons Core
import dataTableButtons from '';

// Import whichever buttons you are using
import columnVisibilityButton from '';
import html5ExportButtons from '';
import flashExportButtons from '';
import printButton from '';

// Then initialize everything you imported
dataTablesBootstrap(window, $);
dataTableButtons(window, $);
columnVisibilityButton(window, $);
html5ExportButtons(window, $);
flashExportButtons(window, $);
printButton(window, $);

There is lot of information available on net