How can I enable login to Velocity mirror apps that have varying port numbers for an app that uses Oauth login with a fixed redirect URI?

I have an app that uses Oauth login (via Google) with a fixed redirect URI (eg http://localhost:3000/_oauth/google)

However, when using a Velocity mirror app, each time a new mirror is created it has a different port number (eg the current mirror is at localhost:64129)

How can I reconcile this with the fixed redirect URI in my oauth settings?

  • Is there some way to always generate a mirror at the same port?
  • Or is there some way to handle the Oauth login via a fixed URI and then redirect back to the mirror?
  • Or am I just approaching the Oauth login issue in the wrong way?

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

Hi, I hit the same problem today. Thanks to Sam Hatoom for prompt reply:
[Sam Hatoum,] that’s not supported. If you really need it, you can fork meteor-cucumber and add port into the request here:

So I

  • forked meteor-cucumber on github
  • removed xolvio:cucumber from my project
  • cloned meteor-cucumber into packages dir in my project folder
  • added xolvio:cucumber (this time meteor picks it up from local packages folder)
  • added line port: 4545, into packages/meteor-cucumber/src/hub-server.js after line 58
  • updated facebook site url to http://localhost:4545/ (in your case with google just use port 4545 where appropriate)
  • started meteor and got in console I20151004-23:22:55.551(3)? [velocity] cucumber is starting a mirror at http://localhost:4545/.

It’s becoming a pleasure to work with velocity with recent efforts of Xolvio Team! :smile:

Happy testing!


Thanks for posting your experience here. I’ll add the ability to fix the port in the next release of cucumber

Tracking here: