How can I fix this: Uncaught Error: [ensureSignedIn] no signIn route configured

I’m getting this error: Uncaught Error: [ensureSignedIn] no signIn route configured!

I can’t find anything about it on google.

I have this in at the bottom of my routes.js in common code (server and client):

                          {except: ["templateA", "templateB"]});

Any ideas on how to fix this? I’m sure you need more information. What shall I provide to help you help me?

I have AccountsTemplates.configureRoute('signIn'); in the server directory. For ‘fun’ I decided to add it above the ensureSignedIn trigger and I got the following error:

Error: Route already configured!
    at [object Object].AccountsTemplates.configureRoute (packages/useraccounts_flow-routing.js:108:11)

That is ‘funny’ because without adding that line the error is that the route is NOT already configured.

Here is the answer:

The AccountsTemplates.configure and AccountsTemplates.configureRoute stuff needs to be on the client and the Accounts.emailTemplates stuff needs to be on the server.