How can I force my templates into displaying where I want them, not in the first empty place they can find?

I have a bunch of templates that I’m loading into a page like this:

<div class="container">
{{> tblTravelerInfo}}
{{> tblTopMiddle}}
{{> tblTopRight}}
{{> tblExpenseDescription}}
{{> advisoryNotices}}
{{> tblFundOrgAccountActivityAmount}}


Note, though, that advisoryNotices does not immediately precede tblFundOrgAccountActivityAmount on the page, but looks for a nice hiding place up near the top of the page and sits down there:

Other than “fudging it” by, say, adding a large margin-bottom to the template under which advisoryNotices is stationing itself (tblTopRight), how can I force advisoryNotices to place itself directly above tblFundOrgAccountActivityAmount?

I can force it to work by adding this CSS (“tblPaymentsMade” is the table just above the advisory notice in the scream shot above):

#tblPaymentsMade {
  margin-bottom: 176px;

…but that smells awfully kludgy to me.

CSS should be all you need here.

Layout the holes and slot the templates into the correct holes.

Its certainly not anything strange or meteor specific.

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