How can I get data from mongo and use data in meteor?

Hi there~
I made two collections ‘users’ and 'posts’
in posts existing collections of data with the name “regId”, which is taken from _id collections ‘users’ as reference
this is JSON in mongo

"_id" : ObjectId(“57e67f0ad94b51ba8fdee839”),
“title” : “How to mongoimport and not use ObjectId in the _id fields”,
“contents” : “good”,
“regId” : DBRef(“users”, ObjectId(“57e7bce77c705856d323263b”)),

"_id" : ObjectId(“57e7bce77c705856d323263b”),
“username” : “Josh”,
“email” : "",
“password” : “Qus900506”,
“profile” : {
“username” : “Josh”,
“from” : “kakao”,
“friends” : [
DBRef(“users”, ObjectId(“57e7bce77c705856d323263b”))
“groups” : [

    "company" : "Google", 
    "department" : "development"

and I brought it up like this in meteor

Template.Feed.helpers Feeds: ->
  return posts.find()

and I use this one on template

of course it was wrong :frowning:
I want to get the name of data, how to bring it up?
plz help me~

Please consider wrapping your code samples in backticks (on newlines) to help with formatting. For example:

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That being said, check out this related forum post:

I would recommend staying away from DBRef’s. Check out that post for alternatives, or dive directly into the Guide’s Publishing relational data and/or Associations between collections sections.