How can I hide/remove the "If you already have an account, sign in" in Accounts signup modal?

This is our sign-up modal - as we’re using an Electron app there’s no need for the user to sign-in. How can I hide or get rid of that “If you already have an account, sign in” at the bottom of the sign-up modal? I’ve searched for the text but can’t find it anywhere, so I assume it’s part of Meteor’s Account package.

Here’s a picture to highlight (in red) what I mean:

I’ve looked through Users and Accounts | Meteor Guide but to no avail.

It seems it’s set in the useraccounts-core package, in the at_forms.js file:

showSignInLink: function(next_state){
        if (AccountsTemplates.options.hideSignInLink)
            return false;
        var state = next_state || this.state || AccountsTemplates.getState();
        if (AccountsTemplates.options.forbidClientAccountCreation && state === "forgotPwd")
            return true;
        return state === "signUp";

However, I can’t change that file so there must be another way to do it.

Thanks in advance!

Solution is to add hideSignInLink: true to AccountsTemplates.configure({

It’s not in the “almost complete example of options configuration” at core/ at master · meteor-useraccounts/core · GitHub but it’s details table right below it.

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