How can I Import Match into a unit test with Jasmine?


How can I test this helper using unit tests in Velocity/Jasmine? I don’t see a way to import just the Match part from Core. The Match functions just return undefined.

I could stub them but that seems rather silly in this case. Should I just run it in integration instead.

Schema.Comment = {
  createdAt: Date,
  userId: String,
  message: Match.Where(function (msg) {
    check(msg, String);
    return msg.length <= 300;
describe("Post Schema", function() {
  it("should have the correct types", function() {
    Match.test("Example", Schema.Post.message)


Yeah, just run it in the server integration mode. You can write unit tests in the server integration mode too. You just need to stub you dependencies with spyOn if required.


Thanks @Sanjo , much appreciated!