How can i recover the value of my radio button

  typeEmplois: {
            type: String,
            optional: function () {
                if (AutoForm.getFieldValue("typeDemande") == "EmploiStage") return false; else return true;
            label: "Emplois",
            autoform: {
                type: "select-radio",
                options: function () {
                    return [{
                        label: "CDI",
                        value: "CDI"
                    }, {
                        label: "CDD",
                        value: "CDD"
                        label: "Mission de prestation de services",
                        value: "Mission de prestation de services"
                        label: "Mission d’intérim",
                        value: "Mission d’intérim"
                        label: "Autres",
                        value: "Autres"

there is my radio button i want to recover the value but i don’t know how , i try this code in my helpers but he didn’t work


    typeEmplois: function () {
        return Request.findOne("typeEmplois");

i used Request.find and Request.get else but he dont work …
And in the execution it shows me [object , object]