How can I remove/unpublish a package on Atmosphere?

I was playing around with Atmosphere and I ended up publishing a package…and now I wonder how to remove it…
Can it be done? How?

See: How to delete my own packages from AtmosphereJS?

@robfallows Thanks! I ran meteor admin set-unmigrated zxxz:x-editable-bootstrap but the package has been simply flagged. It still appears while searching on Atmosphere… :frowning:
Any idea how to hide it?

Hmm. Atmosphere (which is not an MDG resource) may not be syncing properly with (that has happened before). The best advice I can offer is to “wait a while”. In the meantime, what happens if you do a meteor search ... on the command line (which does go to

So…I waited a bit and Atmosphere now doesn’t show the package :slight_smile: and meteor search ... also doesn’t find it…thanks for your help @robfallows…next time I will be more careful :wink: