How can I start a meteor app WITHOUT building it

I use Meteor since I use the Wekan board. Every day I start the app using



meteor run

Every day again, the build system looks for updates of meteor, runs some build processes. i do not want all this however, just want to RUN the application. How can I avoid the frequent unnecessary BUILDs ?

thank you

Ironically, the answer is that you have to build the application:

Once built, you then deploy it into production. At that point it’s just a standalone node app.

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thx you for your prompt reply!

did a build, now trying to host it on windows.

no luck on windows - node module fibers does not install on windows. so currently i can run the application in developer mode but not the built one.

where should i look to solve this ?

You may find this useful:

very helpful !

thank you so much!

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