How can I unsubscribe

I’d like to unsubscribe from meteor forums and close my developer account. I do not see a way to do this.

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Are you having anxiety or something? I don’t see the point.

Regardless, just change your email and problem solved.

There should be an ‘Email’ section in your preferences

There is indeed an email section in my preferences. From my developer account, and not available from the forums. But I can’t change it to a non-existant email address, since it requires validation.

So, to be forgotten, I’d have to create a new email account, set my meteor preferences to use it, then remove my current email, and then forget all about the new email account I have set up, which someone is on the hook for, to support.

In short, to close my meteor developer account I’d have to abuse someone else’s email service. That is incredibly antisocial.

Surely, a close account option is not that hard?

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You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Use a disposable email service. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it.

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Obviously I know how to do it, or I wouldn’t have explained how to do it above. I am pointing out that making a simple matter such as unsubscribe, the problem of the user and requiring an external email serice, disposible or not, is no way to run a web site, and reflects poorly on the service and the community behind meteor.

Poor web sites and services are a big deal. The web can and should be better.

I will look elsewhere for a community that cares to build good software.

MDG builds good software every day. And they give you the opportunity to use it, and create things with it, for free.

They’ve even built an incredible and supportive community around it.

I’m sorry, but when a company is making leaps and bounds for the web, simple unsubscribe buttons on their website are a little irrelevant. By the way, did I mention that they already have this covered?