How can I write files to a local app in a Windows-compatible way?

I’m writing a package to enhance the developer experience by writing files to the application structure as it is in use, and I’ll need to write files to the file system, but it will not be a test framework. I don’t want to orphan Windows users, and need some guidance.

I see that Velocity uses a thing called VelocityMeteorInternals, to write example test files to the app in which it is running.

Should I borrow some code from or is there a more sanctioned way of doing this?

I think as long as you don’t use any symlinks or weird characters in your filenames, you should be just fine writing files with node’s fs module.

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I thought fs wasn’t supposed to be used with Meteor?

Also, importing is a different ballgame maybe but I use Meteor on Windows and fs doesn’t functionally import csv.

I may be missing the nuance to your question, but I use CollectionFS without issue on my and customer’s Windows PCs.