How can one get the form input value of element that has a css id with special characters?

Greetings fellow meteorites!
In my entire life (when writing css id’s and classes that have multiple words) I have always used dashes (i.e. - ) as separation. For example position-description below

<input id="position-description" type="text" placeholder="back of the line" /> 

And who cares ???
Well when I target the form submit event in the client javascript, I can’t really access the value in the input by calling because the - will cause an error in meteor.

The obvious workaround is to just camel-case the css id (i.e. positionDescription)
But before I abandon the css notation I have been using for the past 5 years, I was wondering if there was a workaround specifically using the way (as opposed to jquery) ??

Thank you and look forward to your response!

would be the usual answer, but the id value is not a property of the event object (although id is).

If you want the value of the input element from the event object you would use

Hm right. If is the form and “positionDescription” is the camelcased id, you could make the call positionDescription.value to access the value. … But is there a way to get it keep the css id notation of “position-description” ?

console.log( and you can check if response object have something related ?

if not maybe use another jquery match instance.$(’#position-description’)

No. As I said, the actual id value (position-description in this case, but it doesn’t matter what it is) is not a property of the event method, so you cannot access it as you are describing.

In this case, will be set to 'position-description', and will contain the value of that DOM element.

As @shock says, if you are in any doubt, console.log the event object in your event handler.

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Thank you for your help! Appreciate it.

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