How can we say thanks to authors of packages?


When I discover a Meteor package that the author’s done some stellar work on, saving me hours and hours, I find myself wanting to leave a comment saying how grateful I am, to keep up the good work, etc.

There’s no real place to do that on atmosphere, or on Github either (I could open an issue, I suppose, but that’s kind of the opposite of what I’m aiming for). I guess I could check for an email address on github and send a personal email but, again, that’s not quite what I’m after.

Unless I find the package in an announcement here or in, I don’t have an easy way to thank the author via a comment.


p.s. I’m not forgetting the possibility of a gittip button in github :slight_smile:


I actually really like this idea… potentially a new feature for Atmosphere @tmeasday? :smiley:


The best thing to do is star the project on Atmosphere and some authors have the donation or support feature button on Github a little money always helps keep the package going.


The best thanks I can get is for a package to be explained / mentioned in a podcast, blog, or tweet.


I think the comments are tricky because people will start using them to ask for help and report problems (when it should happen in the bug tracker). But I like the idea of being able to contact the authors. Usually, you can do it by looking at the package author name and finding them on forums or elsewhere, doesn’t work for anyone though.