How could I build such marketing calendar?

Hi all,

May not be the best meteor related question, but I am thinking to build such calendar using meteor 1.3

when event goes live, it will change status immediately.

is there any samples or tutorials that have something similar to build such calendar?


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re interested in seeing how you can build a reactive calendar with Meteor (using, take a look at @themeteorchef’s Reactive Calendars with FullCalendar snippet.

You could probably do it very easily with three simple tools:

The rest is really just ui. Maybe d3.js will probably do it quite well.

i am curious, why would someone use d3.js for calendar? any advantage over fullcalendar?

could i just integrate d3.js into meteor? or do i have to find some package at atmosphere to use d3?


No real benefit, I guess, depends on the level of customization you intend to have.

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