How do I access iOS photo gallery?

Probably can’t use mdg:camera, because I need multi-select; so will probably have to reimplement my own photo gallery, into which I would import the existing photos.

For that matter, can I access photos in other apps’ directories, on a non-jailbroken phone?

Yes first search for a Cordova plugin. msg:camera is a wrapper which uses a Cordova plugin internally, check the code of it!

Thank you, will do!

Now, what are iOS security limitations on that matter? I understand that stock photos can be accessed; but can photos from a 3rd party app be accessed as well?

I’ve read somewhere that some files can be accessed by running an httpd server on iOS; which files are these? Probably not all of them? And why would iOS allow an httpd server to access files that a local app can’t access, is not that a security hole?

I mean, an httpd server is just a regular app, right? Why would it have more rights?

I really have no idea, @martijnwalraven has a lot of iOS experience as far as I see on the forum. Maybe he could explain. I just know that you can call Cordova plugins from Meteor and there are plugins which allow access to the camera so that should work out in my opinion.