How do I access python scripts in MUP container?

Hey Everyone.

I have a meteor app that uses pyhton-shell NPM module to run a python script on the server. python-shell module as well as the python script rely on absolute paths to certain files.

What I didn’t realize when i first published my add was that MUP publishes the site in a container, so my absolute paths become worthless. Also, the container doesn’t have any of the python modules that the python script relies on to function.

What’s the best way to go about fixing this? Do i need to log into the docker and install all of it manually? Is there a way to script building the right paths and copying the files from the host machine into them, as well as installing the python modules, all from the mup.js file? Do I access the files from the host machine, and if I do, do i have to do anything different when it comes to accessing return values?

I’m not sure what a best practice here would even be.

Could you use a custom docker image that has python and the required modules pre-installed in known locations?

Well that definitely helps with installiong the python packages and creating specific directories, but how about copying specific python files from host to docker image? Is that a docker command?

Does it make sense to make a custom permanent docker image for my app?