How do i add custome fields in cfs collection image save collection


iam letting users upload images
iam using cfs:filesystem and data is inserted in images
3 copies of image is saved 1 original another 150X150 size and other very small size icon
collection and also inserting data in photos collection
"_id" : “XTCSZAPZrCRHCo9az”,
“userId” : “bmZ4zj4LsQTfQuNuK”,
“imgpath” : “/cfs/files/images/XTCSZAPZrCRHCo9az/”,
“ismainphoto” : “Y”,
“imgname” : “human_ubuntu-wallpaper-2560x1440.jpg”

how do i display images for a particular user
when i display that image using photos collection
img src={{imgpath}} very small icon is displayed

how do i display a thumsize 150x150 size image, and also wants to display images of particualr user id wise so u user can browse members photogallery how can i do that??


Check into FS Collection, it will give you what you are looking for.


i was able to get the solution from a source code
i have written blog about it
and also posting with basic source code