How do I do Log In and Sign Up on the same page, not in a drop down?

I am looking to implement logIn / Sign up simultaneously on the same page, like this:

How do I do that?

Alternatively, I’d like two dropdowns: “Sign Up” and “Log In”, like this:

I found that some non-technical users have a hard time finding the “Sign Up” under the “Log In”. They try to log in for the first time when they don’t have an account and give up.

Have you read the official Meteor docs? Specifically the Accounts API? It shows you how to use the accounts package and how to customize to your needs.

I’ve read it, but it’s a lot of legwork for a very common use case. I am hoping there have to be ready templates to include: {{>signUp}} and {{>logIn}}

Well, you could simply call Meteor.loginWithPassword and/or Accounts.createUser using params from a custom form. It’s not that hassle.

It is, for a task that everybody is doing anyway. Handling failed logins, “forgot password”, etc… nah. Someone must have written those two templates already.

Well, you could use accounts-ui-unstyled then, and just style it by yourself.

Confused. How do I use accounts-ui-unstyled, say, to put “Log In” and “Sign Up” buttons on navbar? Not unlike Meteor Forums.

BTW, curious why Meteor Forums is not using accounts-ui, and what is it using?

I think they are right: getting user to sign up is a big deal, deserves a big window to make it easier.

Actually, Meteor Forums was not made atop of Meteor.

Meteor useraccounts package makes it easy to implement super customizable login/signup pages and all of it’s functionality. You can be as hardcore as you’d like with styling or use on of the already implemented libraries.

You should definitely check it out.

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There are several packages to help you on this. Go to Atmosphere and type ‘account’.