How do I export that database?

Does anyone know how I can export the application database in meteor? I use robomongo to see it but how do I export that database? I need if you could help thanks!

Just make a full backup of it. Here’s how you go about that:

  1. You need the Mongo CLI, which comes with the standard Mongo installation - follow the instructions here. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your local Meteor db:

  2. Create a full dump of the Meteor database. Make sure that your application running, then in a different shell window type: mongodump -h --port 3001 --db meteor --out /tmp/my_mongo_backup

  3. To restore, just do: mongorestore --drop --db meteor /tmp/my_mongo_backup

Carefull with the --drop option, as it wipes out the destination database. See more in the docs.

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