How do I find out which Meteor package is including Blaze as a dependency

I can see in my versions file that blaze@2.1.9 and blaze-tools@1.0.10 are included in my project. But I don’t include them directly and don’t use Blaze at all. How do I find out which of the packages I depend on is including Blaze? Kind of like yarn why.

You may want to read this issue thread.

It is frustrating to try to figure out the dependencies and I agree about need to remove Blaze dependency for the client bundle. We are all React app and Blaze/jquery is still in our client bundle :angry:

Thanks. I also found alanning:roles is bringing Blaze in too. But at the moment, figuring out why packages are included is a difficult and easy to misunderstand. I see has an update to remove it from the Facebook integration, so hopefully more to follow.