How do I insert/load body content after Meteor has loaded?

I’m using Piwik in my Meteor app. Piwik gives me an HTML snippet to append to my body tag. For various complicated reasons, it’s really best that I use this snippet and not some other fancy API-based Piwik integration.

I’ve tweaked the snippet a bit to check process.env.NODE_ENV. If it is “development”, I don’t load the analytics code so developing my app doesn’t send events to Piwik.

Meteor 1.2.1 and early 1.3 betas/RCs used to place body content after Meteor scripts, so by the time the Piwik snippet was evaluated, process existed. Now, unfortunately for this setup, the script tag I added to the <body/> element is placed before Meteor’s own scripts.

I understand and mostly agree with the benefits this offers, but in this case I really do need this particular <script/> tag to come last. Is there any way to ensure that this particular snippet of HTML is evaluated after everything else? And again, I can’t use some other Piwik integration (Piwik runs in Sandstorm which uses its own custom auth method unsupported by other integrations) so it has to be done this way.