How do I know if spiderable is working or not?


I’ve just deployed a website using Meteor Up and I’m trying to figure out whether my spiderable package is allowing Google to crawl.

So the website is and when I execute “curl” on it, it returns the page.

However, in Google Webmaster, when I go to Fetch As Google, and press Fetch and Render, the body is missing in the HTML. In addition, Adsense rejected my site as it couldn’t see any text on it.

So I’m wondering, is spiderable actually working? If not, why is it that when I use curl I can actually see the html but google isn’t able to?

In addition, if I install through Meteor Up and I have “setupPhantom” set up true, and I have spiderable as a package in my meteor project, what else do I need to get spiderable set up?

Not sure if this helps, but when I search “” (with the quotes) using Google, your webpage is returned as the first result.

mmm, that’s interesting - and it looks like it’s got some of the content in the search entry too.

Ok, so why then is Adsense not able to see the page and my Fetch as Google is returning nothing?

The cache copy is also from 1st July, which is a few days ago - is it possible that phantomjs was working but has now stopped working on my server?

I’m also wondering whether the curl may only be working because I’ve got Fast-Render on

apparently, it is the expected behavior, see this discussion.