How do I locate my path to Meteor? (Command Not Found)

Example of Problem:

$ cd portfolio
-bash: cd: portfolio: No such file or directory

$ meteor create myApp
-bash: meteor: command not found

$ sudo meteor create myApp
sudo: meteor: command not found

$ meteor help
-bash: meteor: command not found

I have multiple apps that were all running fine until a few minutes ago. Total noob so I probably did something stupid. But… Thought I might uninstall and do a fresh install, but can’t do anything on the Command-Line.

Mac OS 10.11.16

Any ideas?


Update: I ran curl At least something happened. What I got is: Couldn’t write the launcher script. Please either:

(1) Run the following as root: cp “$LAUNCHER” /usr/bin/meteor
(2) Add “$HOME/.meteor” to your path, or
(3) Rerun this command to try again.

Then to get started, take a look at ‘meteor --help’ or see the docs at EOF fi else cat <

Now you need to do one of the following:

(1) Add “$HOME/.meteor” to your path, or
(2) Run this command as root: cp “$LAUNCHER” /usr/bin/meteor

I don’t know how to implement these instructions…!!! If anyone can please walk me thru it.