How do I make tests re-run when implementation code changes?

I have a Typescript-based Meteor 1.10-based app that has only server-side (mostly API) tests and it annoys me that I have to change the test files themselves to make tests re-run in watch mode.

Is there any setting for this so that tests re-run when ANY file has changed?

Here’s the command I use:

TEST_WATCH=1 TEST_CLIENT=0 MOCHA_TIMEOUT=60000 meteor test --raw-logs --driver-package meteortesting:mocha --inspect=9229 --exclude-archs web.browser,web.browser.legacy

Currently I add a comment in my .tests.ts file to force the test to re-run after I’ve changed some source file in imports/ or server/ but it’s no fun.

Filed an issue with the mocha testing package in case that’s where the issue lies: