How do I open client/main.html for editing?

I’m following the tutorial on building my first Meteor app which is for managing a to-do list and collaborating with others on the to-do list’s tasks.

In the tutorial that I’m following (found here), it says to “play around with this default app for a bit before we continue. For example, try editing the text in <h1> inside client/main.html using your favorite text editor.” But when I open Notepad++ and try to find the file using Open... I cannot find it, nor can I find it by using the general search function.

After researching, I see the file structure is simple_todos -> client -> main.html, but I also tried to find simple_todos using search and I cannot. Where can I find client/main.html for editing?

Are you familiar with the command line tool for your OS? You may need to change directory to somewhere you are familiar with before creating your app

How did you finish this part of the tutorial?

I just navigated to the folder I created the app in and opened the file.

Make sure not to create it in your system32 folder (default directory) if using windows

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I’m an idiot…

I did not read my path directory C:\Users(etc…) completely.

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