How do I pass an argument into a block helper?

I’m trying to use this Autolinker package, and right now I’ve surrounded my code with the proper helpers {{#autolink}}{{/autolink}}

I want to turn on Markdown Output. This seems to be set as a flag called markdownOutput. So I’ve tried:

{{#autolink markdownOutput='true'}}{{/autolink}}

But the flag does not seem to be registering. It’s still just pumping out a regular link instead of one with markdown output.

Here is where the author registers the helper. On lines 12 and 13, he tries to detect whether or not the markdownOutput option is set to true and he throws that into the linkerOptions object.

The problem is that Konecty likes to fork, modify, and republish packages instead of using issues and pull requests to further a project. I had originally created this package and added the option to output markdown. If you take notice of you will see that they updated to the newest version of autolinker without taking these changes into consideration.