How do i pass an argument to a helper to inject data into a React component

i am just starting to learn React. in my current project, i am doing so by creating small components to replace things currently done in Blaze, and putting those new components into the Blaze page. i’ve done a few and so far, so good.

but now i’ve run into a situation i don’t know how to handle. let’s say i have this currently in Blaze:

		{{#each message in messages}}
			{{getRecipientFavoriteSoup message}}

where getRecipientFavoriteSoup() uses data in the supplied message to do some lookup and specify a soup. in React, i don’t know how to pass data to that helper.

		{{#each message in messages}}
			{{> React component=MessageRenderer

is it possible to do what i want, or am i going about this the wrong way?

(btw, this is a sizeable, existing app, we are not going to rewrite the whole thing in React anytime soon)