How do I receive incoming data from an arduino GSM shield

My app is made and prepared but I have no Idea how to receive data from an external device.

The device: Arduino uno with weather shield collecting data and sending it through a GPRS/GSM Sheild. On this page it has code for AT-command HTTP GET request. Although I do not understand that is not a meteor question.

I want to know how, and where, to encode to receive the incoming data. Does the code go on the server side? Or does it go on the client side? Also if you visit the page you will see I have the option of HTTP,TCP, and FTP. And was wondering what the best option would be.

I need to take the incoming data and format it to a Insert into my collection. That’s all. Just an insert. I do need to code in a function on Insert if anyone could help out with that as well. I am using a Schema and collection 2. You can see the full project at My EchoProject Github.