How do I refresh the my npm modules etc in an existing project pls?



I opened a project and ran it on a different OS (linux), I did meteor reset and after that it worked. When I pull that repo back to my Mac, I got a whole bunch of strange issues… I ended up deleting the node modules folder and then did a meteor npm install which seemed to fix it.

Since then I started getting some strange issues on Galaxy with a slowness, “unhealthy” containers, 502s etc… I wanted to try and blitz the node stuff and was wondering if there’s a set of commands I should run to clean it all up, pls?

Any help appreciated



Deleting the node_modules directory then doing a meteor npm install should clean things up.
BUT, be aware that NPM will generally install the latest compatible versions of all modules, so there is a chance that it downloaded newer packages that aren’t as compatible as expected.

You can use meteor npm list to list the versions installed, and meteor npm outdated to see which if any are out of date and have updates available (without installing them!).

Maybe you should compare the versions listed in your package.json against the installed versions, or do a comparison with the versions installed on a different machine where they are working well.
To install a specific version (to go back a version or two) add a version number to the install command line, e.g.: meteor npm install babel-runtime@6.25.0
If it does turn out to be that a newer npm package version is the issue you can change your package.json to require a specific version instead of the default ‘compatible with’ by removing the hat symbol, e.g. changing:

<    "babel-runtime": "^6.20.0",
>    "babel-runtime": "6.20.0",

Other than that, all I can suggest is to debug the specific issues to try to narrow down what the root cause is.


THanks much appreciated