How do I require all files in a folder?

Just a mention that client and server might have different approaches

Thank you

The general scenario would be ‘list of link or filename’ by

The client request and the server response a list of filename or link for the file by fs module or something.
And file would be served by webserver in this case.

But I recommand save all files and control it by Meteor-Files if it’s possible.

Awesome, although it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.
It’d be great to have something like there is in webpack
In the backend we do have somekind of

I believe since meteor version 1.7 ‘lazy loading’ was enabled by default. You can disable ‘lazy loading’ by removing the property mainModule from the package.json. And it will fallback to ‘eager loading’.

Also, Please checkout this answer. it might give you an idea about how meteor has evolved through time.