How do I return a value from an http request to a meteor function [SOLVED]

Many thanks for reading.

I am using (and learning…) meteor to create an array of hashes (of files) contained in a mongodb collection:
Server Side

function builtJSON () {  
 var cursor =  MyFiles.find({uploaded:1}).fetch();
 let index = MyFiles.find({uploaded:1}).count();
  let result;

   var hashes_array = [];
   for ( var i = 0 ; i< index ; i++ )
   result = JSON.stringify(hashes_array); 
return result;  

The function is called with:

'builtJSON':function() {
 return builtJSON();

In client side I am creating a simple route called /files_www/ and calling the builtJSON() function with

FlowRouter.route('/files_www/', {
   action: function(params, queryParams) {"builtJSON",{} , function(err, result) {
         if(!err) {
              document.write (result);}

		  {console.log (error);


The code prints correctly the hashed when called with i.e. localhost:3000/files_www/

My problem is that I want to parse these values from Python with the requests package.
I am using:

 r = requests.get('http://'+server_name+'/files_www/)

Although I thought I would have the document.write printed values , I have as a result
the meteor long list of scripts inside the html (as you can see in view source).
Is there a way I can get only the document.write values (as I print the correctly in console.log)
Many thanks for any comment or ideas…

Solution: it seems that the only way to accomplish this is to use a REST package (simple:rest in my case).
Then I have declared a publication like:

 Meteor.startup(() => {
 Meteor.publish('uploadedfiles', function() {
  return MyFiles.find({uploaded:1} , 	{fields: { hash: 1  }});

and then this is accessed by the url :


which returns a json file, to be parsed somehow…