How do I send Email from

Is there a way I can send email from by setting MAIL_URL to an smtp:// URI?

Do I need to hook it up to a service like MailGun or SendGrid?


Make sure that you have the email package added and then make sure that you have your SMTP uri set somewhere on the server side.

Meteor.startup(function () {
  // AWS emailing
  process.env.MAIL_URL = 'smtp://<username>:<password><port>';

Then make your calls.

      to: to,
      from: from,
      subject: subject,
      text: text

You will have to have an email service like SendGrid, Mailgun, Postmark, or AWS.

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I’m not sending emails myself, but relying on Accounts and the Pretty Email package.

I found this:

I’ll give that a try.