How do I set up a session timeout?

How do I set up a session timeout?

(I’m asking questions using a translator.)

I’m not storing user information in the users collection, but in a separate collection I’ve created.

If the user does nothing for 10 minutes after logging in, I want to log out automatically.

The session API provided by Meteor seems to be available only to clients.

Is there any other way?


You could use meteor-idle-watcher:

Detects when a user stops interacting with the page for a specified amount of time (for the purpose of disconnecting them).

I hope that helps.

Check out the various answers to the general question of “how to detect idleness.”

Second answer is vanilla

When the timer runs out, you can then simply run Meteor.logout().

I use this to keep a status for my users (e.g ’ User is online’) . You can easily us this for your purpose