How do I setup auto-deploy from GitHub repo to Meteor Galaxy?


I have an app running on Meteor Galaxy, and I would like to have it automatically be deployed from GitHub to Meteor Galaxy. I know there are other services ( like Modulus and Heroku with built in integration. Are there any third-party apps that can do this automatically, or is there any service with a similar configuration method built into GitHub that I can use?




Mostly there is a great blog post about how to set it up!


This works perfectly, except for one thing:

I can’t figure out how to install Meteor, as the Meteor installation requires sudo access. All the work-arounds I have used have failed.

Any suggestions?


That’s not 100% correct - the installation only requires sudo access to make the meteor command globally accessible (as it says in the CLI prompt). Either way, many CI services like Travis support sudo.

So you can just skip that part of the installation, and manually call into ~/.meteor/meteor.

If that helps you out, can you send a PR to the guide to add directions for installing without sudo?


you Can use below commands in the Setup section of Codeship.

install node

nvm install 0.10.35
nvm use 0.10.35
node -v

install meteor

curl -o
chmod +x
sed -i “s/type sudo >/dev/null 2>&1/\ false /g”
export PATH=$PATH:~/.meteor/
meteor --version

I am also working on it. Currently facing timeout issues. Let me know if this can be of some help to you.