How do I show that an update is in progress on Cordova?


Is there a Meteor method that I can leverage when code is pushed / deployed?

After an update is pushed, a blank white screen shows ~30 seconds into opening the app on both iOS & Android. It’s a shitty UX. How can I display a template that says something like ‘please be patient, the app is updating’? So I don’t loose users?

I know the alternative is submitting an update to the Appstore and avoiding the hot-code-update, but Meteor is badass and totally above that. :sunglasses:

Any help would be totally appreciated!



Hey nerds! I’m back and have leveled up.

Found this sweet package that handles the issue pretty well arsnebula:appupdate

Then if FORKED it and customized the style for my company’s needs, and made my first package… dylmcg:habitat-appupdate.

I plan on making it more customizable for whatever template you want to use in the near future.