How do I test my sites SEO?


So I went ahead and built myself a nice little personal blog/site with Meteor and Angular JS. However, I’m having trouble testing its crawlability and SEO. Using Google’s fetch as google tool I can see that fetching pages ending with an ?_escaped_fragment_= are returning fully rendered templates and all is well.

However without the escaped fragment I only get my base template and nothing else. This is confusing as no one is going to initially link my site ending with an escaped fragment, and the templates are returned with hrefs pointing to normal links without the escaped fragment so I’m assuming when the crawler does its job it will follow those and get the empty base template and nothing else once more.

Any advice on how I can test, troubleshoot and in general make my site crawler friendly?


Have you considered using (recommended in the Guide’s Enabling SEO section)


I have indeed been trying to get to work. I’ve cached my homepage and previewing the raw HTML returns the correct content, however when it comes to fetching the URL as Google’s bot it’s returning me the empty base template and nothing else. Unsure what’s going wrong.


When indexing the page, the search engine robot adds the site information to the database. Further search takes place on the indexed pages. Do not confuse indexing and scanning. Also, when I needed to learn how to scan a website, I used the site crawler to deeply analyze its status.