How do i view the collection objects inside the mongodb which i know are being created?

see they’re being created here,

you can view the whole code on

on dev branch.

  1. how do i see them inside the mongo terminal ?
  2. why can’t i access them in my brower log ?

Simple! Open another terminal while leaving Meteor running. Enter meteor mongo in the new terminal. Then type db.employees.find().pretty(), also in the new terminal. This will print out entries in the Employees collection.

resolved. thx i had to open mongo via ‘meteor mongo’

You can also use the msavin:mongol package when you need to access/view data on client side (minimongo) during development.

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I highly recommend the program Studio3T. It has a nice GUI and tons of features :slight_smile:
If you run Meteor on port 3000, you can connect to localhost:3001 with Studio3T (your Meteor instance must be running first).